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» About Us

Jiangxi Aware Fire Technology Co.,Ltd was established in 2013, our original product is aerosol fire extinguisher, now we do a full range of fire protection products: FM200 fire suppression, IG541 fire suppression, CO2 fire suppression, Super-fine ABC dry chemical powder fire suppression etc.

Now our business also extends to other fields, including new energy, energy storage system.

As a ISO9001, 14001, 18001 certficated company, We have a perfect management system and quality control system, our products are recognized as China TOP 10 enterprises in China Fire Protection Industry, we have a competitive talent promotion mechanism and are eager for all kinds of talents to join us and seek common development.

Our workshop covers an area of 600 mu, Millions of fire protection products are produced and delivered from our factory every year, our aerosol products are rated as “China’s famous trademark”, the aerosol product line includes:

  • 304 stainless steel aerosol.
  • Suspended aerosol.
  • Floor aerosol.
  • Portable aerosol.
  • Micro aerosol.
  • Throwable aerosol.

Most products have obtained various certifications and test reports: CE, RHOS, DNVGL, CCC, CSC, IP67 and test reports.

Our products have many installation projects in China and abroad, can be applied to various fields:

  • Energy, Renewable Energy and Energy Storage.
  • Marine.
  • Mining.
  • Transport.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Power.
  • Medical.
  • Education etc.

The place where aerosol products are most used are:

  • Wind turbine.
  • Electrical cabinet, Switchboard, control panel.
  • Auto vehicles engine compartment.
  • Charging pile.
  • Electrochemical lithium battery, energy storage box.
  • CNC machines.
  • Other power consumption and distribution equipment.

Our aerosol products have protected fires in many fields and saved lives and property losses, our slogan is “Do all for safety, for a safe world!”, You are welcome to consult, negotiate cooperation and conspire for human security.


  • Who We Are

  • We are China Aerosol Fire Suppression System leader and qualified manufacturer, we have pass ISO9001, 14001 and 18001 systems, most of our products have got CE, Rhos, DNVGL, IP67, CCC, CSC certificates and relative test reports.

  • We have an independent patent, R&D and technical team.

  • Our brand "Minisol" is widely known in China and Overseas, feel free to reach us for cooperation.

  • Contact Us


  • Add: No.112,Yushui District,Xianlai Avenue,Xinyu City,Jiangxi Province,CN.
    Hotline: 0086-0790-6000119