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» Blog » Aware Fire provide fire barriers for the fracturing truck

Aware Fire provide fire barriers for the fracturing truck

  • Description

Fracturing truck is a special equipment used for oil extraction, mainly used for oilfield fracturing operations. Its main function is to expand cracks in oil reservoirs through high-pressure water jets, thereby improving oil extraction efficiency.

Fracturing trucks are usually composed of pumping systems, control systems, hydraulic systems, and conveying systems, which have the characteristics of high pressure and high flow rate.

With the development of the petroleum industry, fracturing trucks, as an important industrial equipment, are widely used in fields such as oilfield development, shale gas development, and coalbed methane development. However, due to factors such as high pressure and flammable substances involved in the operation of fracturing trucks, fire risk has become an issue that cannot be ignored in their safety management. In order to ensure personnel safety and stable operation of equipment, fire safety management of fracturing trucks is particularly important.

The danger of fracturing truck fires

Fracturing truck fires can be caused by various reasons, such as equipment failures, operational errors, electrical failures etc, And its fire hazard is significant because:

  • The fire spread rapidly: Fracturing trucks typically use a large amount of liquids and gases, which are easily combustible in fires. Once a fire is ignited, it will quickly spread to the entire vehicle and surrounding environment, forming a large-scale fire.
  • Risk of explosion: The liquid and gas stored on the fracturing truck are prone to explosion at high temperatures. If a fire triggers an explosion, it will generate huge shock waves and splashes, posing a serious threat to surrounding personnel and equipment.
  • Toxic gas release: The chemicals and fuels commonly used on fracturing trucks may release toxic gases in fires. These toxic gases pose serious hazards to the human respiratory system and health, and may even lead to suffocation and death.
  • Smoke and heat: The thick smoke and high temperature generated by a fire can reduce visibility and make it difficult for personnel to escape. At the same time, high temperatures can also cause combustion of surrounding objects, further exacerbating the fire and increasing the difficulty of escape.
  • Environmental pollution: The chemicals and fuels used on fracturing trucks may leak into the surrounding environment during a fire, causing pollution of soil and water sources, and causing long-term impacts on the ecological environment.

In order to cope with the fire risk of fracturing trucks, automatic fire extinguishing systems have become a common fire extinguishing equipment for fracturing trucks. Common automatic fire extinguishing systems have three functions: fire detection, early warning, and emergency response. They are mostly composed of fire detectors, extinguishing agent storage devices, spraying devices, and control systems.

AWARE minisol aerosol fire extinguishing system is a fire extinguishing equipment developed and designed for various industrial and mining special vehicles and heavy mobile equipment, This system not only has the functions of fire detection, early warning, and emergency response, but also achieves the fully automatic start function of the system through the application of pure mechanical start technology. Compared with other automatic fire extinguishing devices, this system is more automated and intelligent, with better fire extinguishing effect, and can better meet the basic needs of fire protection for fracturing trucks.

At present, it has been widely installed and applied in mining machinery, port machinery, and engineering machinery in many countries around the world.

Fracturing truck and fire extinguisher

Application advantages of automatic aerosol fire extinguishing system in fire safety protection of fracturing trucks

  • Quick response: The system can respond in the early stages of a fire, intervene in fire control and firefighting as soon as possible, and greatly reduce the time for fire spread.
  • Accurate control: The system can achieve precise release of fire extinguishing agents through rational pipeline planning, which can directly reach the interior of the fire source, greatly improving the fire extinguishing effect while reducing the loss of fire extinguishing agents.
  • Good reliability: The system adopts advanced fire extinguishing technology and stainless steel material. In addition to being able to operate independently without power and manpower, the system has better stability, and there is no pressure in the system pipeline, resulting in a higher safety factor of the system.
  • Multi layer protection: The system can be customized and designed according to the characteristics of the equipment, which can simultaneously protect and extinguish multiple flammable spaces of the equipment, greatly reducing the probability of fire occurrence.

The fire safety management of fracturing trucks is an important link in ensuring personnel safety and stable equipment operation. A more reasonable configuration and advanced technology can effectively respond to the fire risk of fracturing trucks, reduce personnel casualties and equipment damage.

The AWARE FIRE auto fire prevention system has advanced firefighting technology and excellent system configuration, which can better ensure the safety of fracturing truck operations. Therefore, it is worth promoting and popularizing in industries such as mining, ports, and petroleum in more countries, adding more assistance to creating a safe and environmentally friendly operating environment.

The product standard is based on GA499.1-2010, which refers to the NFPA 2010 standard.

aerosol fire extinguisher in heavy duty engine

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