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» Блог » Double-start aerosol fire extinguisher is an ideal solution for automobile fire protection

Двустартовият аерозолен пожарогасител е идеално решение за противопожарна защита на автомобили

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Аерозолният пожарогасител с двойно стартиране е вид пожарогасител, който използва комбинация от две различни стартови среди за стартиране на пожарогасителя. Този тип пожарогасител обикновено се използва за успешно стартиране на генератора, Ако един режим на стартиране се провали, другото ще свърши работа.

Днес, режимът на двойно стартиране, който ще обсъдим, е: термичен кабел+електрическо активиране.

The dual-start mode we will discuss today is: thermal wire+electric activation, and aerosol body is 304 stainless steel aerosol generator.


Thermal cord is a thin wire with fire detection function and fire extinguisher activation function, It is composed of special materials, including the composition of ignition powder; Следователно, thermal cord are usually considered as dangerous goods.

However, it can also play a role in fire protection. It can be used as a starting module to start the fire extinguisher based on the principle of self combustion after detecting the temperature.

The working principle of thermal cord is like this:

  • 1. Install the aerosol generator with thermal cord in an enclosure space, the thermall cord is wrapped around the closed space, like in the electrical cabinet.
  • 2. When fire happens in an enclosure space, the temperature will rise up quickly.
  • 3. After the ambient temperature in the space reach the rated temperature of thermal cord, then the thermal cord will burn itself. (remark: the rated temperature of thermal cord normally is 175±10℃ or 300±10℃)
  • 4. Because the other end of the thermosensitive line is connected to the aerosol agent, Следователно, when the sensitive thermal cord starts to burn from one end to the other end, aerosol fire extinguisher will begin to start, spraying out aerosol agent to suppress fire quickly.

The advantage of thermal cord is that it can detect fire automatically and start fire extinguisher to work automatically. It is completely automatic and does not need to be equipped with other alarm systems.


Electric activation is also calledelectrical activation”, this mode is use an 2 core or 4 core electrical wire as the medium of current transmission, external power supply and connected to the starting end of the fire extinguishing device, to start-up the electrical type of aerosol generator.

The electric wire and the fire extinguisher agent are connected with aviation plugs, The material of aviation plug is generally stainless steel or aluminum, this can ensure that the current is smooth and the product is durable.

The 2-core wire has only the starting function and no feedback function, which is used to connect the positive and negative current poles; The 4-core wire not only has the start function, but also the feedback function. The 2-core wire is used to start the product, and the other 2-core wire is used for the normally open or normally closed feedback.

Generally, our products are more humanized to meet different functional requirements of customers.

Electric activation can only be done by connecting 3-24 VDC or 3-220 VAC; You can also connect the battery directly and power it up from the battery.


Why sometimes we use double start-up mode for the aerosol fire extinguisher, That is to make it convenient for users to choose their own startup mode, when installing the product on the project, the installers can only use the electric start function, or only use the thermal wire function, or both of them.

Usually used in automobile, people like to use double start mode:

  • The electric starting mode is used to connect the battery end in the automobile, and install a start button in the cab.
  • The starting method of thermal cord is to wrap the thermal wire around the engine to automatically detect and start the fire extinguishing device.

The two methods are used together to achieve the best fire prevention effect.

This starting method can be used for any type of vehicles, If you don’t understand anything, please consult our technical or sales personnel directly.

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