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  • Electrically Activated Cylindrical Aerosol For Diesel Generator Room

    Cylindrical Aerosol fire suppressant with electrically activation, mainly for room protection, гэх мэт: цахилгаан түгээх өрөө, power generator room, diesel generator room, microwave room, genset room.

    This aerosol fire extinguishing device must be used with a 3-24V battery, It needs to be powered by electricity and connected to the corresponding alarm system.

    • Тодорхойлолт
    • Main Features
    • Application Scope
    • Matters and Attention

    Diesel generator is very usefull machine which produce electricity by burning diesel fuel. This machine use a combination of an electric generator and a diesel engine to generator electricity.

    The Diesel generator is generally large in size. Obviously, a separate small room is needed to place the Diesel generator. This small room is calleddiesel generator room”.

    A generator room usually has a volume of over 10 cubic meters and is a closed room, so when installing a fire extinguishing system, a fire extinguisher that can be easily installed and has high fire extinguishing efficiency is very helpful, Electrically activated cylindrical aerosol fire extinguishing system has become the first choice, because it is:

    • Simple in structure and simple to install.
    • Highly effective to suppress fire in diesel generator room.
    • The discharged chemicals will not damage the Diesel generator.

    In the diesel generator room, aerosols can work together with the fire alarm control system to detect, control and extinguish fires.

    The model selection in the diesel generator room depends on the size of the room, usually 1 kilogram , 1.5 kilograms, 2 kilograms, 2.5 kilograms and 3 kilograms of aerosol are mostly used, hereby we take 1.5 grams one as an example, to list out its parameters and data sheet, as follow:

    • Бүтээгдэхүүний нэр: Aerosol fire extinguisher for diesel generator room.
    • Start mode: electrically activated.
    • Product shape: Cylindrical cylinder.
    • Dimension: φ219*205 mm.
    • Chemical of aerosol in the cylinder: 1.5 kilograms.
    • Chemical content: Strontium nitrate and others.
    • Fire extinguishing capacity: 15 шоо метр.
    • Cylinder material: 304 stainless steel.
    • Start connector: 304 stainless steel aviation plug.
    • Brand name: Aware Fire.
    • Brand label: Manufacturer’s label or customized label.
    • Processing technology: bending, edge grinding, chamfering, drilling, etc.
    • Product lifecycle: 10 жил, after 10 жил, it needs to be replaced, and cannot.
    • Product warranty period: 1 year.

    A good product has its unique characteristics, The reason why aerosols are popular and promoted globally is due to their unique charm, The characteristics and features of aerosols are as follows:

    • Completely environmentally friendly, and it does not deplete oxygen.
    • The most highly effective fire extinguishing system, because it is design density is only 50 руу 100 grams per cubic meters.
    • Suitable for full fire classes of Class A, B, C, E, F.
    • The cost is lower than that of water fire extinguishing system, gaseous fire suppression system, dry powder and foam fire extinguishing system.
    • DIY, simple and space-saving installation.
    • Not require yearly inspection and maintenance, the maintenance cost is low.
    • Sustainable fire suppression technology, the lifespan over 10 жил.
    • Professional research and development, technical team, and fast after-sales service.
    • Suitable for protecting enclosed spaces, such as diesel generator room.
    • International certification support.

    Aerosols are the most widely used fire extinguishing system in the world today, its application scope almost covers all industries:

    • Engine and compressor rooms.
    • Paint lockers.
    • Computer racks.
    • Telecom room.
    • Repeter station.
    • Remote shelters.
    • Electrical switchboard.
    • Power station and substation.
    • Circuit breakers.
    • Boiler rooms.
    • Elevator shafts.
    • Security boxes.
    • CNC grinders.
    • Compressors and generators.
    • Earthmoving equipment.
    • Energized equipment.
    • Enclosed machines draglines.
    • Cruisers and Vessels.
    • Cruisers & Vessels.
    • Electrical intelligent equipment.
    • High and low voltage complete switchgear.
    • Building electrical appliances.
    • Communications Electrical.
    • New energy and environmental protection equipment.

    Aerosols are dangerous goods, and of course, there are many things to pay attention to:

    • When installing, it is necessary to have professional trained personnel or technical personnel install it. Before installation, it is necessary to carefully read the instructions and understand the precautions.
    • When installing, please be sure to cut off the power supply.
    • Normally, aerosol fire extinguishing devices need to be stored in a ventilated and dry room, and the indoor temperature should not exceed 40 .
    • When aerosol is sprayed, personnel should quickly evacuate the closed defense area to avoid accidents.
    • When conducting product fire extinguishing tests, maintain a minimum distance of 5 meters or more between personnel and the device when aerosol is sprayed(discharging).
    • Handle with care during handling.

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