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» Termék » Kicsi 304 Rozsdamentes aeroszolos tűzoltó készülék » Electrically actuated aerosol fire suppression system for motor vehicles
  • Elektromos működtetésű aeroszolos tűzoltó rendszer gépjárművekhez

    As a professional firefighter, we recommend installing a small aerosol fire suppression system in any type of vehicle, this fire extinguishing system can be started both automatically and manually.
    they are many types of vehicles:
    • Car.
    • Truck.
    • Coach.
    • Bus.
    • Train.
    • Excavating machinery.
    • Bulldozer.
    • and so on.
    • Description
    • Product Features
    • Application
    • Other precautions

    Motor vehicles are the tools for people’s daily travel, loading and construction, People can’t leave it at any time, however, the engine of the vehicle is prone to fire.

    So it is the key to choose a good fire extinguishing system for the engines, The internal space of the engine is limited, and the selected fire extinguisher needs to be small and not occupy too much space, the aerosol fire extinguisher is famous for its small size and can be used as a vehicle fire suppression system.

    Because each vehicle is equipped with a battery that can directly power the fire extinguisher, thus, the electrically actuated aerosol fire extinguisher is the ideal choice for motor vehicles.

    Below are the main parametes and data sheet of aerosol fire suppression system:

    • Product name: Electrically actuated type aerosol fire suppression system.
    • Model: AW-20E, AW-30E, AW-60E, AW-100E, AW-150E, AW-200E to AW-3000E.
    • Fire suppression agent: range from 20 grams to 3000 grams.
    • Dimension: ask for sales for manual, because in the manual there is dimension details.
    • Extinguishing volume: 0.2 to 30 cubic meters.
    • Trigger mode: power supply 3 to 24 Volt DC, or 3 to 220 volt AC.
    • Trigger current: 1.0 Am.
    • Resistance: 1.0 to 2.0 ohm.
    • Shell temperature: ≤200 ℃ (5 mm distance).
    • Shell material: 304 stainless steel.
    • IP grade: 67.
    • Fire suppression style: Class A, B, C, E, F.
    • Service life time: 10 to 15 years.
    • Packing: carton box with polyform, every 4 pieces of goods in a carton.
    • Delivery time: 7 to 15 days.
    • Standard: GA 499.1-2010 or ISO 15779.

    Unlike that of BlazeCut and FIRETRACE Suppression systems, the aerosol system works without any pressure and non-piping network, which means aerosol system is more safe, more simple and more easy.

    The electrically activation aerosol is very flexible, it has the following features:

    • Can be started by external power supply and work standalone.
    • It could be work with fire alarm systems and thermal activation device.
    • It can be applied in relatively large space.
    • International certification to support.
    • Brand support and OEM service.
    • The product has simple structure, simple installation and pressure-free operation.
    • The product has a very high waterproof and dustproof grade.
    • It is ability to eliminate contributing factors of flashovers.
    • It can be started separately or dual actiation mode, the dual activation mode could be: electrically activation+thermo bulb activation, or electrically activation+thermal cord activation.
    • No venting or ceiling tile clips for discharge forces, distribution piping, manifold, and/or nozzles.

    It has many application scenarios, here are the most used places:

    • Control room.
    • Server room.
    • Data room.
    • Telecommunication room.
    • Cable tunnels.
    • Auto vehicles.
    • Töltő kupac.
    • Switch gear and switch gear room.
    • Meter box.
    • Underground pipe gallery.
    • Boiler room.
    • Transformer and distribution room.
    • Cultural Relics and Ancient Buildings.

    Precautions and Attentions please:

    • Install the aerosol fire suppression system in right way, better read the Installation Maunal first.
    • Before installation check the electrical cable is 4 core or 2 core wire, to make sure it has feedback function or not.
    • Keep it in a dry and ventilated place.
    • Avoid strong light and sun exposure.
    • Avoid wind and rain.
    • Please power off before wiring.
    • Please replace the product in time when its validity expires.

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