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Floor aerosol fire extinguishing system for museums library art gallery

Similar to that of a suspended aerosol fire extinguishing device, the floor aerosol system is also for larger area protection, such as the libraries, museums, art galleries, and archives.

It can protect an area where not over about 1600 cubic meters.

For more details, please see our floor-type aerosol system manual.

  • Description
  • Product Features
  • Application
  • Other precautions

The floor-standing aerosol fire extinguishing system is based on “S type” powdered aerosol technology and is very suitable for museums, libraries, and art galleries because this aerosol equipment can be placed in a corner of the room and has a large capacity to cover a larger area.

Compared with gas fire suppression systems, aerosol fire extinguishers are easy to install, which is why many engineering and installation companies like to have them in some projects and programs.

The aerosol system is compatible with fire detection and releasing systems and can be installed both inside and outside the protective zone, when it is activated, it can produce large amounts of powdered aerosol, total flooding, and suppress the fire quickly.

Hereby we recommend its main parameters and datasheet:

  • Item name: floor-type aerosol fire extinguishing system.
  • Item number: AW-QRR5LW/S, AW-QRR7.5LW/S, AW-QRR8LW/S, AW-QRR10LW/S.
  • Capacity: 5, 7.5, 8, or 10 kilograms.
  • Fire suppression ability: 21 m3 to 71 m3.
  • Design density: 140 grams per cubic meter.
  • Cylinder material: high-grade carbon steel.
  • Cylinder color: red or silver white.
  • Cylinder nozzle and the temperature after releasing: Honeycomb, ≤200℃.
  • Activation mode: electrical power supply DC 3 to 24 Volt, AC 3 to 380 volt.
  • Switch pressure function: Yes.
  • Installation bracket and screws: included.

The features of the products as follows:

  • Ecologically safe and environmentally friendly, the ODP is zero and GWP is also zero.
  • Super easy to do installation and maintenance jobs.
  • Cost-effective extinguishing compound, as the design density is only 100g/m3 only.
  • No pressure on the cylinder body.
  • No piping is required.
  • Low toxicity.
  • Leaves no residue after release.
  • Approved as a halon alternative for non-occupied spaces.
  • No ozone depletion, and does not contribute to climate change.
  • Total flooding application for fire class A, B, C, E.
  • Small, safe, and simple.
  • More than 1o years shelf life.
  • Designed for total flooding fire protection applications.
  • It can services for commercial, automotive, renewable energy, industrial, marine, and home use.
  • Good heat dissipation ability.

The applications of this product are as below:

  • Computer racks.
  • Engine and compressor room.
  • Paint rockers.
  • Telecommunications room.
  • Power equipment room.
  • Data processing room.
  • Power equipment room.
  • Server rooms.
  • Flammable and combustible liquid storage rooms.
  • Hospitals and care homes.
  • Basement.
  • Marine Engine room.
  • Schools and universities.
  • Modular building.
  • Utility room.
  • High-rise building room.
  • Car garages.

Hereby are the other precautions below:

  • Because it is installed on the floor, please do not install it near the door and window.
  • Read the installation manual before installation, to avoid installation failure.
  • Do not place it in a place that is not ventilated, wet, windy, and sunny.
  • Non-professional personnel shall not dismantle the fire extinguishing device without permission.
  • If the validity period of the aerosol agent expires, it should be replaced in time.

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