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» Продукт » Микроаерозолен пожарогасител » Micro Aerosol Fire Extinguisher for narrow enclosure space
  • Микроаерозолен пожарогасител за тясно заградено пространство

    Micro aerosol fire extinguisher has advantages of easy, simple and safe, Just tear off the transparent protective cover of double-sided adhesive tape and paste it on the object to be protected, Or fix and install it with 2 small screws.

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    Този пожарогасител е голям колкото детска длан, Пълни се с 8 ж, 10 ж, 12 ж, 16 g малко количество пожарогасителен агент, максимално изпълнен с 60 грам аерозолен агент вътре в този цилиндър.

    За разлика от 304 неръждаем цилиндър аерозолен пожарогасител, може да се използва в по-тясно пространство, като: Литиева батерия, meter box and air conditioner etc.

    Some renewable energy companies or lithium battery factory will need it to install inside the battery pack or photovoltaic equipment, some power companies also will install it on small electrical equipment, Even some companies will install it on electric motorcycles and electric bicycles.

    Let’s introduce the parameters and data of this product in detail:

    • Име: Micro aerosol units, also named lithium battery pack aerosol fire extinguisher.
    • Модел: QRR0.008G/S/SA, QRR0.012G/S/SA, QRR0.016G/S/SA, QRR0.02G/S/SA, QRR0.03G/S/SA, QRR0.04G/S/SA, QRR0.05G/S/SA, QRR0.06G/S/SA.
    • Капацитет: from 0.1 да се 0.3 cubic meters difference.
    • Дизайн плътност: ≥60 gram per cubic meters.
    • Color of the product: red colour, and other special design colour available.
    • Режим на активиране: electrical+ thermal cord, or thermal cord only.
    • Thermal cord rated temperature: 175℃ or 300℃.
    • The length of the thermal cord: 0.3 m, and can extend the length as request.
    • Cable wire length: 0.3 m, and can extend the length as request.
    • Activation Current: ≥700mA (Direct Current Power Supply DC).
    • Electric Start-up Time: about 1 да се 2 seconds.
    • The safety current: ≤150mA (Direct Current DC power).
    • Working temperature: -55℃ to +90℃.
    • Life-span: 10 Years.
    • Time of warranty: 2 години.
    • electromagnetic compatibilit: Good.
    • Low voltage type: Good.
    • Compatibility: it can work with fire control panel systems very well.

    Small size is its main features, in addition, he has many features and advantages:

    • Cost effective and highly efficient, the concentration data is 60-100 грам на кубичен метър.
    • Easy and DIY to install.
    • It can be installed in every enclosure space.
    • Chemicals made up of main oxidant of potassium nitrate and strontium nitrate, which is a Eco-friendly chemical.
    • The product structure is simple.
    • You can choose multiple startup modes, either automatically or manually.
    • Its fire extinguishing efficiency is several times that of other ordinary dry powder fire extinguishers.
    • It can have feedback function and can be connected to alarm and fire control center.
    • Long term of validity, up to 10 years of service life.
    • Obtained EU CE certification and approvals.

    It also have a wide range of application:

    • Electric motors.
    • Electric car.
    • EV scooter and electric bike (electric bicycle).
    • Electric forklift.
    • Electric Rickshaw.
    • Battery energy storage system.
    • Telecom UPS.
    • Meter box.
    • Small electrical cabinet.
    • Lithium-ion battery pack.
    • Refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioner.

    This product have some other models, hereby we list our below table:

    Model number The Height The diameter The protected volume Installation mothods
    QRR0.008G/S/SA 40 mm 20 mm 0.10 exploding screws and 3M glue
    QRR0.016G/S/SA 60 mm 22 mm 0.25 exploding screws and 3M glueexploding screws and 3M glue
    QRR0.02G/S/SA 60 mm 25.5 mm 0.30 exploding screws and 3M glue
    QRR0.03G/S/SA 60 mm 25.5 mm 0.50 exploding screws and 3M glue
    QRR0.04G/S/SA 99 mm 27.5 mm 0.60 exploding screws and 3M glue
    QRR0.05G/S/SA 99 mm 27.5 mm 0.80 exploding screws and 3M glue
    QRR0.06G/S/SA 99 mm 27.5 mm 1.0 exploding screws and 3M glue

    For more data sheet of different model, please inquiry from our sales for the Instruction Manuals.

    If your order quantity is substantial, we also can provide with customer labeling and OEM service.

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