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  • Nano Dimension Lithium-ion Battery Pack Fire Protection System

    Small capacity aerosol generators, range from 8 grams to 60 grams, are perfect fire protection tools for small closed or semi-closed space.

    The following spaces may require it: lithium battery pack, electrical panel, motor vehicles, meter boxes etc.

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    When summer comes, accidents of spontaneous combustion occur frequently in the engine compartment and new energy battery compartments of cars, Therefore, it is necessary to install an active fire extinguishing sticker on the vehicle.

    Especially for new energy, the characteristics of lithium battery pack or compartment fires are:

    • Happened suddenly.
    • Difficult to extinguish.
    • Easy to encounter secondary combustion.

    Many people suggest using Class D fire extinguishers, but they are not very effective because Class D fire extinguishers are used to extinguish Class D fires, and lithium batteries produce a lot of electrolyte after combustion.

    So, which type of fire extinguisher can be used to extinguish the fire in the lithium-ion battery pack and compartment? the answer is aerosol generator. and only nano-dimension aerosol fire extinguisher could be small enough to be installed inside those narrow space.

    • Main Description: nano dimension and small capacity aerosol generator.
    • Extinguishing component content: Strontium and potassium nitrate 60% руу 70%.
    • Өргөдөл: lithium-ion battery pack or lithium battery compartment.
    • Specification of the product: 8 grams to 60 grams customer design.
    • Labeling service: Yes, we can support custom design service.
    • Product shape: Available in square and circular shapes.
    • Color: Black, red or other.
    • Activation mode: electrical wire, thermal sensing, or both of them.
    • Extinguishing time: 0 руу 30 seconds difference.
    • Delay time: 1 seconds.
    • Extinguishing ability: ranging from 0 руу 1 шоо метр.
    • Ambient temperature: -40 руу +108 .
    • Service life: 10 Years.
    • Standard: China standard, America standard and Europe standard.
    • Installation method: America 3M brand tape installation or screw fixation installation.

    Main features of lithium battery pack fire extinguisher are as follow described:

    • Thickened carbon steel material cylinder, the cylinder is used to take aerosol agent.
    • Spray painted shell, sturdy and corrosion-resistant.
    • The latest version of third-generation pharmaceutical technology, long-term protection, and fast fire extinguishing.
    • Small size, suitable for installation in various small spaces.
    • After spraying, there is no residue, easy to clean, and it will not damage the performance of electrical equipment.
    • DIY style installation, maintenance free and annual inspection free.
    • Preventing secondary ignition of lithium battery electrolyte, it have excellent fire extinguishing effect.

    Although this product has a small size, it has a wide range of applications. Let's count it for you:

    • Engine bay.
    • Battery pack or compartment.
    • Home appliance chassis.
    • Integrated stove in the kitchen.
    • Small size distribution cabinet and electronic communication equipment.
    • Car boot.
    • Portable power station.
    • Electric vehicle charge, EV charge.
    • Energy storage container.
    • Industrial and commercial energy storage.
    • Solar energy system.
    • New energy charging pile.
    • Meter box.
    • Combiner box.
    • Main Tower cabinet.
    • Nacelle cabinet.
    • Cooling cabinet.
    • Converter box.
    • Small size machinery.
    • When installing, install it above the easily ignited area.
    • When storing products, store them in a dry and ventilated place.
    • Before installation, it is best for the installation personnel to carefully read the instructions to ensure that the installation work can proceed smoothly.
    • After the product has passed its lifespan, it is recommended to immediately replace it with a new one.
    • There should be no obstruction within 0.05 meters directly in front of the fire extinguishing device nozzle.
    • It belongs to dangerous goods and should not be placed within the reach of children for their safety.

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