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  • Portable Aerosol Extinguishing Tools for House and Car

    The vehicle may catch fire, especially when a girl is driving, and may easily encounter danger, so it is the best choice to equip a small aerosol fire extinguisher in the car.

    The family kitchen and living room should also be equipped with a fire extinguisher, which is very important for the safety of family members.

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    Portable aerosol extinguishing tool AW-PFE-1(SFE/S100) is a innovative man-made product, which was carefully designed by our R&D personnel; After a long time of repeated testing, our R&D personnel launched such a delicate product.

    Although this product is not very common, But it is very suitable for home and car, in your car and in your kitchen where easy to get fire.

    Some government departments and national enterprises also need it, such as banks and fire departments etc.

    Let me focus on the main parameters of this product below:

    • Нэр: Aerosol chemical fire extinguisher.
    • Model: AW-PFE-1 (SFE/S100).
    • Size: φ55*245mm.
    • Time of fire suppression: 12±1 seconds.
    • Spray distance: 2 руу 3 meters.
    • Capacity: 100 grams aerosol.
    • Fire Extinguishing ability: 8B, 13B.
    • Color: red, and other OEM color available.
    • Cylinder material: Fireproof ABS plastic.
    • Safety Pin: black and on the bottom of the fire extinguisher.
    • Nozzle quantity: one, and on the front side of the fire extinguisher.
    • OEM service: acceptable.
    • Operation temperature: -10 to +50℃.
    • Weight of the product: 480 grams.
    • Temperature on the handle: 60.
    • Харьцангуй чийгшил: 95%.
    • Warranty time: 1 руу 2 жил.
    • Life span: 10 жил.

    Unlike the electric activation of 304 SUS fixed aerosol generator being installed in the engine, this portable fire extinguisher is placed in the cab of a car, the combination of the two can better protect you.

    Portable type aerosol fire extinguisher have the following advantages and features:

    • It is the world's lightest fire extinguisher, it is portable and easy to take.
    • Manually operation, not electric activation.
    • Mini size and can put inside the car and even put into your pocket.
    • Can suppress a gas fire of 13B class.
    • CE and DNVGL certificated.
    • Compact and space saving.
    • Safety pull ring design, more safe.
    • No serving and maintenance.
    • Leaves no damaging mess or residues.
    • Advanced nano-particle fire extinguishing technology is adopted, and 360-degree all-submerged fire extinguishing without dead angle.
    • Tested according to British BS6165 standard.
    • Perfect for boats, caravans, cars, home kitchens without deep fat fryers.
    • Can be used for fire class A, B, C and live electrical equipment.
    • Durable, non-pressurised.
    • Harmless to humans and animals.

    Application fields as below shows:

    • Гэр.
    • Vehicles.
    • Rally and Motorsport.
    • Caravan and Motorhome.
    • Eques trains.
    • For camping.
    • For Commercial.
    • For Farming and agriculture.
    • For commercial vehicles.
    • For marine.
    • For Cars.
    • Supermarket.
    • Gas station.
    • Schools.
    • Factory.

    Attentions please:

    • Do not disassemble this fire extinguishing device without permission under any circumstances.
    • Don't play with children, don't aim at people.
    • Please read the instruction manual before use.
    • Do not touch the shell immediately after use, because it is very hot, wait for it to cool before handling.

    Have any question, contact us directly!

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