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» Produit » Dispositif d'extinction d'incendie aérosol suspendu » Suspended Aerosol Fire Extinguishing Device for Bigger Space Area
  • Dispositif d'extinction d'incendie en aérosol suspendu pour une plus grande zone d'espace

    Bigger space aerosol fire extinguishing device, which is published in the year 2014 from our company, is an ideal solution for protection of computer room, data processing room, museums, library etc.

    Model AW-QRR5GW/S, AW-QRR7.5GW/S, AW-QRR8GW/S are available.

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    Suspended Aerosol Fire Extinguishing Device is a kind of wall mounted aerosol we produce, it is a round shape cylinder with aerosol compound and other chemicals filling inside, Compare with small 304 aérosol en acier inoxydable, this suspended is mainly for bigger space area, such as computer room, data processing room, power station, library etc.

    Below are the main parameters of this product:

    • Nom du produit: Suspended aerosol fire extinguishing device for bigger space area.
    • Pattern number: AW-QRR5GW/S, AW-QRR7.5GW/S, AW-QRR8GW/S.
    • Product dimension: diameter 300 millimètre, and length of 700 millimètre.
    • Protected volume: 35-57 mètres cubes.
    • Mass of aerosol compound: 5 kgs, 7.5 kgs, 8 kgs.
    • Activation method: electrical activation.
    • Couleur du produit: red color, and other OEM color acceptable.
    • Weight of the device: from 35kgs to 70 kgs.
    • Device operation temperature: -30 to +55℃
    • Operating voltage: DC 3 pour 24 Volt, AC 3 pour 220 volt.
    • Working current: 1A/5ms.
    • Maximum safety current: less than 150 mA per 5 minutes.
    • Minimum working current: more than 250 mA per 5 millisecond.
    • Relative humidity: less than 95%.
    • Concentration of design: 140±10 gram per cubic meters.
    • Working Voltage: DC from 3 pour 24 Volt, AC from 3 pour 220 volt.
    • Shelf life: 10 années.
    • Type of fire: Classe A, Class B, Class C, Class E and Class F.
    • Time of delivery: 7 pour 15 jours.

    We are a professional fire supppression company who produce, design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of aerosol fire suppression systems with international certificates.

    any inquiry on aerosol system product, then feel free to ask us for help.

    Features as follow:

    • Special design for larger room fire protection, like computer room, power distribution room, power generator room etc.
    • Painted with red color, use top quality carbon steel as cover.
    • The bracket and the cylinder are connected together, so it is not necessary to install the bracket separately.
    • Spraying face is large, so that it can suppress fire quickly and average.
    • Design density is about 140 gram per cubic meter, which is a standard concentration for fire suppression.
    • It can be installed on the wall or on the top ceiling.
    • The system not only has power to start, but also has feedback and grounding functions.
    • It can be connected with any type of fire alarm system.
    • Obey GA 499.1-2010, and the GA 499.1-2010 is refer from UL 2775, ISO 15779 standards, so it can meet with international standards and requirements.

    Just like that of gas fire suppression systems, it has a wide range of application:

    • Workshop room.
    • Warehouse.
    • Electrical control building.
    • Central control room.
    • Battery room.
    • Oil-immersed capacitor room.
    • Transformer room.
    • Oil-immersed reactor room.
    • Electronic equipment room.
    • Railway signal room.
    • Cable well.
    • Museums.
    • Library.
    • Power distribution room.
    • Tempeature test room.
    • Seawater immersion room.
    • Mechanical impact room.
    • Extrusion and nail room.
    • Overcharge room.
    • Hot box room.
    • Short circuit room.
    • Tool room.
    • Scrap soaking room.
    • Air conditioner and dehumidifier room.
    • Power plant etc.
    • This product is heavy. So please handle carefully.
    • Keep it in a ventilated and dry place to prevent the agent from losing efficacy.
    • Be sure to read the operating instructions before installation, and ask for technical assistance if you don't understand.
    • The validity period of the agent is 10 années. Please replace it in time after 10 années.
    • Please ensure that the circuit is disconnected during installation to avoid mistakenly spraying.

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