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» Produit » Petit 304 Extincteur en aérosol inoxydable » Thermal Line Aerosol Fire Extinguisher with Cord in Electrical Cabinet
  • Extincteur d'aérosol de ligne thermique avec cordon dans l'armoire électrique

    Aerosol fire extinguisher have 5 activation mode, there are: electrical start, thermal line start, thermo bulb start, thermal line with electrical start, thermo bulb with electrical start, you can choose any startup mode according to the installation environment.

    In the electrical cabinet, it is recommended to use thermal line (cordon thermique).

    • Description
    • caractéristiques du produit
    • Application
    • Autres précautions

    This product’s unique specification are:

    • Automatic to start with thermal line, the thermal line is a blue or red color of thermal sensor, which not only can detect temperature and flame, but also can start the aerosol generator.
    • Generally used in places without manual intervention, tel que: control cabinet, switchboard, engine compartment of auto vehicles.
    • There is no requirement for the installation environment. Any enclosed or semi-enclosed place can be installed.

    The electrical cabinet is a small space with electricity, which is prone to fire, so it is necessary to install an aerosol fire extinguishing device.

    Many people ask why the aerosol device should be installed in electrical cabinets, because it is small, efficient and easy to install.

    The following are the basic parameters, specifications and dimensions:

    • Cargo name: Thermal cord aerosol fire extinguisher-S Type.
    • Main Chemical: Strontium nitrate and Potassium nitrate.
    • Models: plage de 20 grammes à 3000 grammes, for details ask our sales for model tables.
    • Capacité: 0.2 pour 30 mètres cubes.
    • Fire suppression time: 5 pour 60 secondes.
    • Mode d'activation: thermal line-thermal sensor-automatic start.
    • Activation temperature: 175℃±10℃ (blue color), 300℃±10℃ (red color).
    • Cylinder material: 304 SUS.
    • Cylinder and nozzle temperature after releasing: less than 200℃.
    • IP Grade: IP67.
    • Installation environment: closed or semi-closed space.
    • Package: white box and brown carton and wooden case, with polyfoam.
    • Délai de livraison: 7 pour 15 days according to order quantity.
    • Product Standard: Géorgie 499.1-2010 (China standard), ISO 15779, UL 2775.
    • Main Application: electrical cabinet, lithium battery pack, auto vehicles.

    The 304 stainless aerosol product have the following features:

    • Manufacturing of high-grade raw materials.
    • Highly efficient, the design density 100 grams per cubic meter, which means it is strong ability to extinguishng fire.
    • 304 stainless cylinder, which is anti-corrosion.
    • The IP67 test report, which means our product is not only water-proof, but also dust-proof.
    • Clean extinguishing compound, which makes it non-toxic and eco-friendly, ODP=0, ALT=0, GWP=0.
    • Non-conductive.
    • Compact and space saving, becaust the product is in small size.
    • Maintenance free and cost effective.
    • Facile et bricolage à installer.
    • Long life span, the aerosol agent is filling with high quality of cooling systems inside, which makes it have a long life-span, the liefe span is about 10 pour 15 années.
    • International certificate to support, tel que: CE, DES ROSES, DNVGL, IP67, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO18001, CCC, CSC etc.
    • Fully automatic detecting and fire extinguishing fire.
    • Surface artwork: 304 stainless with polishing.

    Thermal line aerosol fire extinguisher is automatic to work after detect fire, so it is mainly used in the following places:

    • Electrical cabinets.
    • Tableau électrique.
    • Computer room.
    • Server rack.
    • Cable well.
    • Engine compartment of vehicles.
    • Engine compartment of vessels.
    • Airplane.
    • CNC machine.
    • Grinding machine.
    • Lithium battery pack.
    • Power distribution box.
    • Control box.
    • Small pipe gallery.
    • Boiler container.

    Attentions please:

    • Take protective measures during transportation, avoid collision and extrusion during transportation.
    • Store it in a ventilated and dry place.
    • When the product is released, keep a distance of at least 1 meter.
    • Keep away from children's sight, do not let a child to play with it.
    • After ten years of service life, it is better to replace it in time.
    • Install in strict accordance with the operating instructions.

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